The Art of Connection

Businesses are built on transactions. Transactions are built on trust. And trust is built on communication.

When it comes down to, every brand fighting for their share of eyeballs and inboxes is looking to do one thing well: connect.

The reason why it’s so difficult is that we’re all in the people business. And people are driven by a wide range of desires, motivations that can change by the day or—with the pace of the evolving digital landscape— by the second.

That’s why connection is more of an art than a science. Sure we have dashboards that measure the efficacy of our communication tactics but connection goes beyond an open or click rate, landing page views, or conversions from a cart (though all of the those are important).

The goal is to get customers to speak about the brand in the way the brand speaks about itself. And that means finding a way to pass that language onto the customer so that when they’re in a position to share about the brand, what comes out is something that the previously uninitiated would immediately recognize when they land on your website.

It’s a matter of resonance, which only comes with two things: clarity and consistency.

How clear are you (as a founder, marketer, or brand manager) on the value your products bring to the lives of consumers? And secondly, how consistently are you sharing from that position? How does it inform every aspect of what you create and curate?