Brands that will win in the years to come will be customer-focused, community-centric and content-rich.

So what are some practical ways that you can gain an edge in an industry so prone to change?

In this report, we’ll examine what CPG portfolio brands and indie stars alike are infusing into their strategy to boost engagement, increase conversions and create even more lifetime value— and how both macro and micro trends are influencing what’s getting shipped to homes or flying off the shelves nationwide (and all around the world).


What You'll Learn:

  • How AR, VR and AI are changing the beauty landscape and why more data is a win-win: helping customers make informed decisions—and brands create better marketing.
  • Why MRR Isn't Just For Box Companies and what you can learn from the big players using curation to create more 'sticky' customers.
  • Why Influencer Marketing Isn't Going Away and how to balance targeted reach, cost-effectiveness, engagement, authenticity, and accessibility to grow your brand strategically.
  • Why Chatbots Are Going Beyond Customer Service and how brands are leveraging 'guided selling' to increase on site conversion and customer lifetime value.